28-10-18 – DJ Sotokkan

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28-10-18 – DJ Sotokkan
Dark Psy

DJ Sotokkan. A darkpsy dj based in Athens, Greece. Sotokkan’s first approach with music, dates from the early 80’s. He started djing Rock and Punk Rock in clubs and bars of Athens, and also was involved in various live projects, rock bands etc. In 1991 he discovers the world of Trance through parties from the Athenian scene, and in 1994 he visits Goa for the first time. After traveling, when back, he organises plenty of partis and becomes a member of Direct Connection, a well known electroDub music collective and founders of SUBnDUB music laboratory around 2003, where he handles live electronic synths and samplers. But he never stopped to DJing and collecting night style trance music, all those years, making him an experienced sound maniac.