20-21 June – TPTR Anniv III – Psykia

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  • Psykia
  • Vantara Vichitara / Banyan

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20-21 June – TPTR Anniv III – Psykia

TPTR Anniversary III Special (24 hour broadcast on Triplag Radio)
Psykia (Vantara Vichitara/ BanyanRecords)
Francesca a.k.a Psykia, is an eclectic DJ and Producer from the underground music scene, her first contact with music was at the age of six when she started learning violin.She studied classical music throughout her adolescence but at the same time was introduced to electronic music, thanks to her brother DJ Sword, a great collector of trance and techno vinyls from their very beginnings. Initially she was intrigued by ambient, electro,techno and trip hop sonorities, later she discovered the psychedelic trance sound and became involved in the psychedelic culture, she wanted to go deeper into it and went to study Electronic Music Production at Rome’s “University of Music” and left 2 years later with a Diploma. In 2006 she earned a study grant and went to Goa to write an anthropological research on the Goa trance movement for the University La Sapienza in Rome, after writing a brilliant thesys she then published a book whose title is “Trancefloor: an Ethnographic Research on the Soundscapes of Dancing Souls.” After spending few months in Goa later in 2008, she had the chance to play her first set on the beautiful location of Anjuna Beach, that’s when she began her journey as DJ exploring all the nuances of forest/dark/psytrance but also progressive, techno and chillout. Psykia has been djing around the world for many years now, she has also started making her own sounds lately and realeased tracks for Lycantrop Records and Forestdelic Records.
TPTR Anniv III event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/115117555489566
Artwork done by: https://www.facebook.com/Maiko.Lsa.333?fref=ts
20-21 June 15  / Triplag Radio