20-21 June – TPTR Anniv III – Gaz Mask

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  • Gaz Mask
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20-21 June – TPTR Anniv III – Gaz Mask

TPTR Anniversary III Special (24 hour broadcast on Triplag Radio)
Gaz Mask (Uroboros Records)
Felipo Justera is the Brazilian producer behind progressive project Gaz Mask. He was born in Linhares, Espirito Santo, and lives in Campinas, São Paulo – Brazil. Gaz Mask takes you to a introspective journey making feel part of a natural environment like a forest inhabited by different life forms, and like you… are part of a whole. A natural sound that takes you to a state of consciousness, creating a unique atmosphere on the dance floor.
TPTR Anniv III event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/115117555489566
Artwork done by: https://www.facebook.com/Maiko.Lsa.333?fref=ts
20-21 June 15  / Triplag Radio