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About Us

Psychedelic Transcendence is a weekly/bi-monthly released podcast show. It features mixes, interviews with DJs and Artists across different styles of Psychedelic Trance music. We also showcase new releases and post top releases list every month. We are located in Goa, India.

Artists featured on the show include Zombie Scream, Invid Mind, Zamurah, Retohmorgon, Paranoiac, Vermo Truo, Shadow Noises, DJ Hu Gadam, Mohinia, DJ Kassandra, Oroboro, Audiosytax, Dinotic, Skup, Brainstalker, Calabi Yau, Parandroid, Naked Tourist, Diffus, Neuronod, Darkol Trinity, Saw 32, Neuronod, Fluronuero, DJ Mallku, DJ Space Alien, Hector Miller, Chakraview, Texxture, Xenrox, Chakraview, Lova, DJ Maiko, DJ Dayana, Texxture, Priapizzm, KZ, The Greys, DJ Takeshi, Aum Sector, Atria, Openmind, DJ Kryll, DJ Asygen, DJ Metaforik, Murukhan, Shunpo, Archeos, Moksha, Headweller, Darkol Trinity, Mind Oscillation, Kraft, Demoniac Insomniac, Abuducted Brain, Yogh, Extraterrestrial, Blind OX, Skyhighatrist, Infra, Motorbrain, Dinotic, Akes, Helloki, Psychoson, Doombringer, Fuzulu , DJ Grey Aathma, DJ Jokerfox, Mind Distortion System, Bodhi , Psykia, Huti Heita and many more.

Been running since February, 2012.

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