200119 – Boga

200119 – Boga

Sunday, 19 January 2020
Dark Psy music has been around for almost 20 years now. There has been lot of music been produced in this style of music. The solid basslines and engrossing leads this music offers, offers a perfect fix to many dancefloors around the world. We will present our list for top picks of January 2020 in the upcoming week. Check the website for updates. We have been posting this lists for a few years now. It is made by a couple of djs from around the world to showcase whats new and interesting in the psychedelic music scene. There is alot of good psychedelic ambient music around as well, though there are many other website to provide information on that. On Psychedelic Transcendence we showcase only psytrance music, open to its various sub-genres. We are more focused towards hitech, psycore, darkpsy, forest and dark progressive music. This week i am presenting a Dark Psy mix featuring some new artists. I made this mix at the TPTR Studio in Goa. Check the website for over 300 previous episodes. Information on the next episode on our social media pages soon. If you are intrested to work with use in any way just write to us – tptrb.tptrb@gmail.com …Below is my set. I hope you like the show 🙂


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