191103 – Takeshi

191103 – Takeshi

Sunday, 03 November 2019

Welcome to another episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence show.  This show is presented from the TPTR studio in Goa.

We present some hitech music this week. a fresh new set by DJ Boga. Guest featuring on this week’s episode is DJ Takeshi. Takes Matimoto is the pseudonym of Ghent-based hitech disk jockey Matthias Traisnel. He is also a major part of the PsychedelicTranscendence team. He heads the graphic design department. Takeshi has played at several parties across Belgium, along with several international acts. Coming up next week on the show is DJ Minnafa, a forest psy DJ from Canada. She is part of  Woo-Dog Recordings, United Torch Productions and Black Hole Express.



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