190818 – Astral Labyrinth

190818 – Astral Labyrinth

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Welcome to another episode of the Psychedelic Transcendence show. Over the previous week we posted our top picks for the month of August. It includes our pick of releases to listen to this month. This list consists mainly of new releases and sometime older releases which we want to highlight or may have missed out on. Check the top picks on this link – http://www.tptrb.com/tptr-picks-for-august-2019/ . We also posted the TPTR 2018 episode list with list of all DJS and producers who played on the show in 2018. The mixes from these episodes are available on the website.

In August, we will also be putting up ‘Jafar’s Top Picks’, which is a list compiled by DJ Jafar, veteran psytrance DJ and label head Samaa Recs.

On this episode, DJ Boga present some hitech tunes from new and old releases. Guest set on this week’s episode is by Astral Labyrinth. Gabriel aka Astral Labyrinth is London-based Hitech producer.  He has recently released his EP D-Underworld on Oktoom Records. Astral Labyrinth has featured on several compilations across various labels.

Flyer art by Takeshi Matimoto.

Coming up next week on the show is a guest set by forest psy music label Treetrolla Recs member Myr, presenting his live set. If you like this show, show us some support by clicking on the donate button on the website.



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