190707 – Melt

190707 – Melt

Sunday, 07 July 2019

We present some dark prog tunes on this episode. Sentimony Records an upcoming dark prog label has come to our notice. The have made several releases over the past 12 months and many are them are offered for free. Check it on their bandcamp page. Guest set on this episode is by Melt. Uroboros Records member Ben aka Melt recently released his EP Hallucidations on Uroboros Records.

Hailing from the twisted doof playground of Newcastle, Australia, Ben ‘Melt’ has been a pillar of solidarity in the East coast psytrance scene for over 15 years. With an extensive Dj background of darkpsy flavours and drawing from experience in his previous fullon project ‘Serotone’, the Melt sound is heavy psygressive! Its dark with a hint of groove, Wide open atmospheres, layered with intricate and heavily tweaked synth patches that growl at you as if they were some kind of alienated creature! Below that, some of the heaviest and dirtiest bass-lines that never lack in their energy or arrangement. Melt is an act that will ooze through the speakers and into your brain like some kind of extraterrestrial beacon, urging you to move…
Event calendar for Melt:
Revision festival Greece 10-15 july
Shankra festival Switzerland 19th july
Modem festival 5th aug
Wonderland festival Germany 25 Aug
Hadra festival france 30 aug

Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto.



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