190602 – Grainripper

190602 – Grainripper

Sunday, 02 June 2019

A couple of new labels have emerged in the hitech / darkpsy scene pushing their style with different methods and sounds. D-Noir Records, Cyberbay Records, Tryptech Records and Voodoo Hoodoo Records have released genre re-defining music in a short period of time. This has opened space for new producers to come to the limelight.
Guest set this week on the show is by Grainripper. Grainripper is a Israel-based deep darkpsy project by Oren Peer. Released first EP “Project Blue Book” on Alice-D Records and collaboration EP with Fractalia named “Sumerki” On CyberBay Records.
Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Check our Instagram and FB page for latest updates. If you like this podcast, donate to us, will help us do more shows in future.

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