1906010 – Chik’M

1906010 – Chik’M

Sunday, 09 June 2019

Dark Prog tunes on this episode. Guest set by Barcelona-based Chik’M. Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. Check our Instagram and FB page for latest updates. If you like this podcast, donate to us, will help us do more shows in future.


Chik’M is the Dj project of Xavi R. Born and raised in Barcelona, starting collecting and mixing around ’02. His first contacts was with many crews and party’s Promoters gave him the time to act in events in his hometown, between International Festivals for over decade. At the same time he was resident DJ in Mephisto Club(Bcn) with Sindar Crew.
Being part of underground sound merging, with meticulous selection of artists, focused mainly on Zenonesque, and Dark Prog, among others beats such Psychedelic Techno and WorldMusic.
Is in 2012 when he is promoted by Glitchy.Tonic.Records & Insonitus Records, joined the team, where also he had collaborating in a few compilations, in the creation of particular tracks, keeping the development of several subgenres, with the aim of representing new musical links, on the dance floor.

Uncoming Gigs.

24/05 Lost in Time: Uttu Live! (Bcn)
5/06 Huéznar Festival ’19(Sp)
24/07 Own Spirit Festival ’19 (Sp)
20/09 Ancient Light by Own Spirit Crew (Sp)



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