190512 – Gao

190512 – Gao

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Silence is what many of us experience in varying degrees over time. It is at times a serenade and at times an heartache among others. We at TPTR enjoy our quiet times and also love to blast some tunes. This week on the show we are featuring some dark prog music. Guest set is by Gao. Gabriel Gomez is a dark prog producer from Chile. He has several releases under his name and also produces under other projects such as Rollercoaster, Killbe, Arcturians and Paracoaster. He is currently part of Uroboros Records ad Grimm Records. Gabriel was recently in India and played at gigs in Assam and Goa. He is currently in Russia with some gigs lined up including Insomnia Festival. His latest release can be found at https://twistedfrequencies.bandcamp.com/track/rollercoaster-allelu

Artwork by Takeshi Matimoto. If you like the show, buy us a coffee or lunch via pressing the donate button on the site. Next week on the show some fresh dark psytrance from Atrus.

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