190505 – Atria

190505 – Atria

Sunday, 05 May 2019

This week we bring some hitech music for your ears. Guest set by Atria. Atria is a upcoming hitech producer part of Warromaja Recs. He released his debut EP Soul Spliter in 2016 and has subsequently released several tracks on compilations across labels such as Tryptech Recs, Darknox Res, Moonrise Recs and more. Alien Chaos recently released his album on Black Out records. Check it out. We might do a album showcase of the release soon. Dont forget to support artist by buying their album. Bandcamp is our favoirate place to buy music currently. Artwork by TPTR artwork main man Takeshi Matimoto. Check our instagram and FB page for latest updates. If you like this podcast, donate to us, will help us do more shows in future.

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